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PMI - Northern California Chapter, 1979

Executive Comittee

  • President: Mark Caspe
  • Secretary: Melvin Mutch
  • Treasurer: Mike Sanossian
  • VP Operations: John Igoe
  • Program Committee co-Chairman: Ron Dempster
  • Program Committee co-Chairman: Brian VanWeele
  • Facilities Committee Chairman: Bill Korsgren
  • Education & Prof.Dev. Committee Chair: John Spauldig
  • VP Member Services: Walt Riethmeier
  • industry & Company Coordinator: Wally Kruse
  • E&C Coordinator: Doug Mitchell
  • Membership Committee Chairman: Ken Hartley
  • Public Relations Committee: Bill Bowen
Advisory Committee

  • Chairman: Fred A. Hollenbach, Behtel
  • George McCoy, Guy F. Atkinson Co
  • Steven White, Bechtel Corporation
  • Bengt Saumelson, Fluor Mining & Metals
  • G.Bryce Benneett, Int'l Eng.Co Inc
  • Victor Cole, Kaiser Engineers, Inc
  • Robert Verner, Davy McKee & Co
  • Paul Gilbert, PBQ&D
  • Walter Costa, Skid, Owings & Merill
  • Emest Moore, SRI International
  • William Brusher, Standard Oil of CA
  • John Fondahl, Stanford University
Programs ($10 members, $13 non-members) "Projects in Review"
In response to the requests and suggestions of PMI-NCC Members, the 1979-80 Program will focus on the review of specific projects including project financing, ,planning, and obtaining environmental clearances. Project directors and individuals prominent in the organization and planning of projects will present their views of these projects and provide out PMI-NCC membership with opportunities to compare approaches and evaluate how each impacts on their projects.
Dinner meeting attendance exceeds 100; Dinner @ 6:00, program 7:00-9:00 pm.

Dinner mtg                   Program /Speaker
9/19/79                SF's Wastewater Management Program /  Mr. A.Perini from SF Wastewater Mgmt Program
10/17/1979          Mgmt& Environmental Issues: 1000-mi pipeline (PASTEX) /  J. Miller from Standard Oil of Ohio
11/14/79*            Use of "Fast Track" to Achieve Deadlines / Dr. T.Elioff from Lawrence Berkeley Lab
1/16/80                Project Finance and Administration / J. Bondoux (Bechtel), J. Lepere (IECO), P.Nevitt (BofA Leasing)
2/20/80                Regulatory Constrains & what PM Can Do About Them / J. Havard (Kaiser E.), R. Juels (S.Cal Edison)
3/19/80                Major Projects: Feasibility, Funding, Restraints & Actions / TBA
4/16/80                Major Projects: Views on Various Aspects of Implementation / PMI-NCC Member Panel
5/21/80 **           Probing theFuture - Forecast of PM Challenges in the Future / TBA

* A Field trip and site visit of the Positron Electron Project (PEP) at Stanford University preceded the meeting; Joint Chapter meeting - North Bay and South Bay, and SRI
** Also Joint Chapter meeting -  North Bay and South Bay, and SRI
A South Bay Sections holds a similar schedule of events oriented to the interests of the South Peninsula members.

Published brochure with: "Our Background", dinner meetings location, schedule, programs, Advisory Committee and Executive Committee. The brochure also stated that "Details of each month's program and speakers will be mailed about three weeks before each meeting".

Professional Development
Jul 6-8, 1979 4th Annual Asilomar regional Conference - "Building and Sustaining the Project Team"
Included a Friday afternoon tutorial as an option; 15 people attended fro Japan

Nov' 79, Tokyo, Japan: 1 week seminar to the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan. Conducted by Ron Dempster of Bechtel Corporation under the auspices of PMI-NCC (93 attendees)

South Bay Lecture Series (Designed to generate more interest in PM in electronics, aerospace and manufacturing and also be a source of funding). Sat Nov 10, 1979, 8:00-5:30, Santa Clara - 1 day workshop "Training the Project Manager"

Membership was over 200, according to brochure; Dues: $35 (national $25, local $10)

Chapter Awards: "Chapter of the Year" award! 1979

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Northern California Chapter 1978

Executive Committee
  • President: Fred Hollenbach
  • Secretary: Bob Eveld
  • Treasurer: Mike Sanossian
  • VP Operations: Mark Caspe
  • Program Committee Co-chair: Don Barrie
  • Program Committee Co-chair: Bruce Moen
  • Facilities Committee Chairman: John Trevenned
  • Education & Prof. Dev. Committee Chair: Dan Tennow
  • VP Member Services: Walt Riethmeier
  • Industry and Company Coordinator: Doug Mitchell
  • Membership Committee Chairman: Bob Magann
  • Public Relations Committee Chairman: Mel Mutch
Advisory Committee
  • Steven White,  Bechtel
  • Charles Buck, Brown & Root
  • Donald McDonalnd, H.K.Ferguson
  • G.Bryce Bennet, Int'l Engineering Co
  • Vicotr Cole, Kaiser Engineers
  • Robert Verner, A.G.McKee &Co
  • John W. Fondahl, Standford
  • Walter Costa, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
  • Paul Gilbert, Parsons, Brinckerhoff, Q & D
  • Frank Jarrett, FMC Corp
  • Donald Scheuch, Stanford Research Institute
Dues $35 (National $25, NCC $10)

Programs ($10 Members, $13 Non-members) "The Conflicts of Project Management"
Project Management involves not only the logistical conflicts of scope and quality, budget and cost, and schedule and progress, but the personal conflicts within the project team itself. The 1978-1979 PMI-NCC Program addresses this problem and examines methods of resolving the conflicts of project management.

Dinner meetings were held on the third Wednesday of the month in the San Francisco Engineers' Club (Sansome @ Pine). Monthly meeting attendance averaged 120 participants; Dinner @6:00, Program 7:00 - 9:00 pm; per chapter survey: average attendance: 35 members and 20 guests - 8 meeting per year (2 joint), monthly Sept - May, excluding Dec.

Dinner mtg                 Program
9/20/78                     Managing the Conflicts that Develop Withing the Project Team
10/18/78                   Planning and Organizing the Project
11/15/78                   Quality Performance in Project Design - Balancing quality per. with budgeting and schedule restraints
1/17/79                     Controlling Project Logistics - Purchasing and Delivering
2/21/79                     Performance in Managing Construction Projects
3/21/79                     Performance of individuals as Related to Achieving Project Team Objectives
4/18/79                     Motivating People to Higher Performance in the Arena of Project Conflict
5/16/79                     First PMI-NCC South Bay Section Meeting with a prominent Guest Speaker (mid-Peninsula location)

Start-up of South Bay Lecture series (see brochures) - Per Bruce Moen's recollection, this only lasted 1-2 years.

Per 1987-1979 Program brochure "details of each month's program and speakers will be mailed about two weeks before each meeting"

Professional Development
April 7-9, 1978       3rd Annual Asilomar Regional Conference "They Number One Challenge - People"
Net profit:               $259.00, and lots of feedback provided.

Feb 16, 1979         Annual PMI-NCC Dinner Dance
June                       Family event planned

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PMI - Northern California Chapter, 1977

Executive Committee
  • President: Robert Duke

  • Secretary: John Igoe

  • Treasurer: Ozro West

  • VP Operations: Fred Hollenbach

  • Program Committee co-Chairman: Mark Caspe

  • Program Committee co-Chairman: Bruce Moen

  • Facilities Committee co-Chairman: Bill Bowen

  • Facilities Committee co-Chairman: John Trevennen

  • Education & Prof.Dev. Committee Chair: Cal Rutherford/Dan Tennow

  • VP Member Services: Robert L. Magann

  • Industry & Company Coordination: initially vacant, Wally Kruse (by 1/13/77)

  • E&C Coordinator: Douglas Mitchell

  • Government Services: Dan Brand

  • Aerospace & Electronics: Harold Rhodes

  • Membership Committee Chairman: Ken Hartley

  • PR Relations Committee Chairman: Horst Richter

  • Nominations Committee: Dough Mitchell

Advisory Committee

  • Steven White, Bechtel

  • Charles Buck, Brown & Root

  • Donald McDonald, H.K. Fergusson

  • Robert Duke, Fluor Utah

  • G.Bryce Bennet, Int'l Engineering Co

  • Victor Cole, Kaiser Engineers

  • Robert Verner, A.G.McKee&Co

The chapter became fully self-supporting with adequate operating funds. PMI-NCC no longer had to rely on outside companies financial support for it's existence

Programs ($__ members, $__ non-members)

Dinner Meetings, main program
09/21/77 - Structuring the Method of Performing a Project
10/19/77 - Alternatives to Turnkey Approach ti Project Execution
11/16/77 - Impact of Government Regulations (Industry and Agency Perspective)
01/18/78 - Pre-contract Planning
02/15/78 - Contracts and Contracts Administration
03/15/78 - Sheduling and Cost Control
04/19/78 - Motivating People to Perform
05/17/78 - Managing Design, Procurement and Construction


Professional Development
Jun 17-19, 1977 - 2nd Annual Asilomar regional Conference "Communicating for Action"
(draft) 1st Annual Student Call for Papers on Project Management (Feb 1978) - The first 3 papers selected by the jury were to  be presented orally by the authors at the June'78 meeting. Final placing to be announced  at the meeting (Note from Bruce Moen: this was done for several years)

Many committees were formed to address management of the Chapter. Details follows this list of documented committees:
June 6, 1977 - Result of the Development of a Linear Responsibility Chart for the Chapter
Jan 11, 1977 - Ad Hoc Committee established to study and evaluate the present management of the chapter and make recommendations as to how the needs of the chapter during the 1977-1978 program year and the years ahead can best be met
Aug 29, 1977 - Report of Ad Hoc Commitee on Advisory Committee Guidelines

Linear Responsibility Chart - PMI/NCC was developed (RACI diagram) - stated order of successions was: President, VP Operations, VP Membership, Secretary, Treasurer

Ad Hoc Committee was established during the executive committee meeting to study and evaluate the present management of the chapter and make recommendations as to how the needs of the chapter during the 1977-1978 program year and the years ahead can be best met. Members: W. Riethmeier (Chair), M. Caspe, J.Igoe. R. Magann attended both meetings that were held on May 18, May 26.


1.       Structure of organization:
a.        is workable and adequate;
b.       Past-president should become the Chairman of the Advisory Committee and voting member of the Executive Committee
2.       Involve new blood without losing anything achieved
a.       Greater involvement of A&E and aerospace
b.       Provision of backup support for all positions
c.       Additional committee members
3.       Selection, nomination and rotation of officers
a.       Committee Chairmen and Co-chairman will remain appointed positions (term: max 2 years)
b.       Executive Committee consists of the elected officers, Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Chairman of the standing committees, and Co-chairman of Programs.  Each get 1 vote.
4.       Strengthening of the Program Committee
5.       Attain active participation of outside industries (outside of E&C)
6.       Advisory Committee
a.       Expand to include A&E and/or aerospace management
b.       The President will attend Advisory Committee meetings
7.       Nominations Committee:  Ad hoc committee established during June 6 Executive Committee meeting – complete work June-July and report to Executive Committee during August meeting
8.       Social evening – hold 1 social evening per year that includes wives and guests.

Advisory Committee Guidelines (report of Ad Hoc Committee)

Committee:  Walt Reithmeier, chairman, Bob Magann, John Igoe, Mel Mutch, Doug Mitchell
Some items from Advisory Committee Guidelines:
·         To consist of the most senior available management personnel for companies participating in the Northern California Chapter of PMI;
·         provide guideance;
·         meet 3-4 times/year;
·         max size = 18;
·         Past President shall serve as chairman for 1 year and be a voting member of the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee