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PMI - Northern California Chapter 1975

Executive Committee Advisory Committee
For PMI Seminar / Symposium in SF on Oct. 19-22, 1975:
President: Wally Kruse (acting)
Secretary/Treasurer: John Igoe
Conference Chairman: Edwin Ekholm
Facilities: Don and Mary Marsh
Services & Registration: Mike Iverson
Speaker & Social: Keith Crandall
Technical Program: Dr. Linn Stuckenbruck
Finance: Thomas Tebben
Ladies Program: Mrs. J. Fondahl (note that John Fondahl was then President of PMI National)
Programs ($__ members, $__ non-members)
Dinner mtg main program speaker(s)
Per Bruce Moen’s recollection:
Nov ’75 dinner meeting had approx. 10 attendees. When they arrived at the restaurant where the meeting was supposed to be held, they found they didn’t have a reservation, so they went to another restaurant around the corner. Then Bruce went to work on a job in Indonesia for a couple of months. When he came back, he said the April dinner meeting had approximately 100 attendees! He attributed the incredible growth to the strong Advisory Committee commitment, and competition between the companies (which he thinks was Marc Caspe’s idea?). Apparently if a manager was the presenter, many employees would come from that company. Then competition started, as each of the Advisory Committee members took turns giving presentations -- and the Construction companies didn’t want the other ones to “out-do” them.

Professional Development
Oct 19-22, 1975 7th Annual PMI Seminar / Symposium, San Francisco
Keynote “A World Perspective on Resource Management”, Walter Hickel
Luncheon “What Happened to Project Independence?” Dr. Eneas Kane, VP Standard Oil of CA
Panel “Management of Energy Resources”
Panel “Large Project Management”
Constitution & Bylaws (no date) – Items of note:

  • General area of operation includes, but not limited to, that area of the state of California north of the southern boundaries of Monterey, Kings, Tulare and Inyo counties.

  • Except for he first elected officers, all elected officers assume full responsibility for their respective offices during their 2nd year in office. First year they function in assisting capacity.

  • All elected officers serve a period of 2 years

  • Fiscal year: Jan 1st – Dec 31st

From the History section of “The State-of-the-Art of Project Management” document:
When San Francisco was selected as the site of the 1975 National PMI Symposium, it was obvious that more members and increased support from local companies was imperative. It was decided that the most expedient and available source of support would be the major Engineering-Construction firms in the Bay Area. Accordingly, Wally Kruse approached key representatives of this industry to solicit their support and their recommendation of qualified people to serve as officers for the 1976 calendar year. Steve White of Bechtel and Jack Havard of Kaiser Engineers provided the required assistance. Candidates for the Presidencey and two Vice Presidents were invited to serve and were duly elected. Other individuals were nominated to serve on the Symposium staff and succeeded in organizing an extremely successful convention.

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