Monday, January 4, 2010

PMI - Northern California Chapter 1973 - 1974

Wallace Kruse,  Dan Brand,  Karen L. West,  Ozro E. West, Mary Marsh, Harry C. Teel, Jr., J.B. Violette
John F. Igoe, Richard W. Cloues

According to documents found on the history of the Northern California Chapter, the Chapter was chartered in 1973. According to PMI National, the actual charter document was dated Jan. 1, 1974, but as they pointed out, who was working on Jan 1st?!?

From the History section of “The State-of-the-Art of Project Management” document:
The Northern California Chapter of the Project Management Institute (NCC/PMI) evolved as a formal organization in late 1973. Early founders represented Architectural-Engineering consultants (A/E), Aerospace and Engineering-Construction (E/C) firms. Development proceeded slowly until midyear 1975 with infusion of other industries. Prominent among members actively involved on the executive committee at that time were Wally Kruse, Karen and Oz West, Mary and Don Marsh, John Igoe, Horst Ritcher, Gary Still and Dan Brand, with others participating on a transitory basis.

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