Saturday, December 19, 2009


Quite a while after I had been President in 2000, and had a chance to recover and reflect back on that whirlwind year, I realized that I didn’t know a whole lot about our Chapter history. What I did know had been passed down from other’s that had been involved with the Chapter before me, and the summary that was on the current brochure.

Early in 2003, I decided I wanted to know more. I knew that the Wally Kruse award winners were documented in our Operations Manual, but I had never seen a list of Chapter Presidents, so that became my first goal. In May of 2003, I started looking into our history by first sending an email to PMI – National to find out what they had. I was actually surprised that they had very little, as most of their records “had been destroyed for security reasons”. They also said that they didn't start keeping records of their database until 1998 or so.  The following is what I got from Worldwide Component Affairs:

  • A list of approximately one third of the former Chapter Presidents

  • A note that the entry for the Charter date for the San Francisco Bay Chapter appears as 1 January 1974, even though as they mentioned, “I seriously doubt that anyone at PMI was in the office on New Year's Day that year to sign the charter.”

  • Constitutions and By-laws from 1979, 1990, and 1996

  • A description of Advisory Committee and Executive Board Member positions and duties from 1976
  • Information on conferences and workshops held by the chapter from 1976 to 1980 (??)

  • A list of founding members of the chapter

  • Charter Renewal Surveys from 1998-present
I then went to our Chapter storage unit and sorted through everything I could find in the two file cabinets and multiple boxes. The most valuable item I found was a photo album that I later figured out had been put together by our former “Chapter Historian”, Norm Waner. In it were org charts, program brochures for several years, and some pictures from 1975. I was happy to find out that he had done a lot of work to consolidate those important documents. From the other things, I found a sporadic mixture of Executive Committee meeting minutes, Newsletters, etc. that people decided to keep and put in the files, for whatever reason. From all of that, and several more boxes that Bob Denmark had stored that he had gotten from Norm Waner, I was able to fill in many of the gaps.

In the meantime, I spoke with our then-current President, Jim Wheeler, and showed him a sample of the one-page summaries I had started for each year. He said that he’d been thinking about how the Chapter should celebrate our 30-year anniversary, and that this information would be good to include in such an event. As many things go in our fast-paced society, I made slow progress throughout 2003, and stepped up my efforts in early 2004 as the May 20-th Celebration event date got closer. What you see throughout the rest of this binder is a result of those efforts. Special thanks go to Norm Waner, and the rest of you that have helped me piece together the information here. As you can see, however, some gaps still exist. I’d appreciate any additional information that you can add…. Please let me know!!
Thank you!
Marjorie L. Dean
PMI-SFBAC President - 2000